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"Hey....Thanks for taking the job.  It's hard finding someone who wants to look after potentially dangerous androids. 

Don't worry, they're all locked up....until the power goes out then their cages will be open and they will come after anything living. 

Luckily the security station you are in has backup power. It controls the security doors that will hopefully stop the androids from tearing you apart.....until the station runs out of power....then you're on your own. 


Luckily for you I have issued you one standard  pistol. You just have to click to fire the weapon. You can aim down the pistol sights by right clicking the mouse. The pistol does come with a laser sight which makes it a little more accurate. 

When...or if the power goes out press 'f' to activate the flashlight. It runs out of power quickly, but it recharges when it's not in use. 

The doors to the security station are controlled by the console in the middle of the room. Just remember that keeping the doors closed burns through power. 

The station has proximity sensors near the doors, and will go off when an android comes near it. You might be able to hear them screaming when they approach though. 

My recommendation....kill them off as they reach the doors, if you don't they'll eventually overwhelm you, once the station runs out of power. 

The flashlight is pretty old school. You probably won't see them when they approach you using the light alone. The pistol laser will distort  when an android passes in front of it. I hope that helps. 

Once the power to the main facility is gone, you'll have to survive for 5 minutes in the security station before any rescue is possible. 

Good luck

Install instructions

For osx just double click on the .app file. For windows, unzip and click on "Subway Horror.exe". I changed the name of the game, but it never corrected after the build.....


AndroidTerror.app.zip 28 MB
Android Terror.zip 27 MB

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